Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Another Sneak Peak Inside Moving Tales--Adventures in Relocation (By Linda Kozar)

Military Moves
By Claudia Lange
 I grew up an Air Force brat. We moved every two years, so we learned the ropes pretty fast. Some of our furniture would always go into “Hold Baggage,” which means either on the ship in the “hold,” where cargo is placed, or on an airplane in the “hold baggage” area. Whenever we had to move, our belongings would be packed into a large wooden crate, (which changed over the years to a metal box or pod), and was delivered as soon as we moved to our new location. The rest of our belongings went into long-term storage. If something got sent there by mistake, we knew we’d have to forget about seeing it for a while.
My mother would tell us early on to put all the things we absolutely needed into the hall closet, which she would lock. She had to, because when the movers arrived, they would literally pack everything in sight. They packed a coffee machine with the grounds still inside, ashtrays full of cigarette ashes, and absolutely anything else that was out. If you happened to leave something important outside the closet, you might not see it for another two years. They even packed a bag of garbage once. I tell you, it’s no fun to open up a two-year-old bag of mummified garbage.

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Claudia Lange (Military Moves) grew up in a U.S. military family, and by the time she was an adult, had lived in seven states, three twice, and on four continents: North America, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Living in these places definitely changed how she viewed the world. Claudia learned very early that the way she saw the world wasn’t the same as other people saw the world. This taught her a deep appreciation for other cultures, people and places.


For the next two weeks, AND STARTING TODAY, I am going to post whole stories or excerpts from the book with shots and bios of the authors.

And I hope you will love Moving Tales, Adventures in Relocation as much as I do!

If you or somebody you know is packing up for a migration across town, across the country or around the world, Moving Tales, Adventures in Relocation, offers a welcome diversion to the broken dishes, lost furniture and everything else that always seems to go wrong during a move. The lighthearted, and sometimes unbelievably true stories of those who’ve moved in, moved out and moved on, will move your heart and lift your spirits.


  1. What a great idea, Linda. I'll let my FB friends know!

  2. Thanks Sharon! I've been working on this book now for 8 years (on and off again). Feels good to see check it "DONE."


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