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CAN Scavenger Hunt!


I'm LINDA KOZAR and I interviewed fellow author and friend, SHERRY KYLE. I got to meet her at a literary agency retreat (Books & Such) in 2010, and we hit it off like peas and carrots. I hope you win one of her books! She's giving away a BONUS book on her blog, which is the next stop on the hunt. Read on...

Sherry, tell us about your latest book.

It’s hard to talk about my latest book without also mentioning the one that came right before that since I had two new books for tween girls releasing a month apart.

The Girl’s Guide to Life (RoseKidz, Feb 2016) is an easy-to-use book full of stories, crafts, activities, and tips that will encourage and help the reader to make good decisions everyday. It’s packed with Christian advice about many of the issues girls face today, such as dealing with family, friends, boys, school, money, nutrition, fitness, and standing firm when temptations appear.

But the book that is part of this scavenger hunt and will be added to the grand prize is…

Love, Lexi: Letters to God (Tyndale, March 2016). This book follows seventh grader Alexis Dawn Cooper (Lexi) as she navigates middle school and being a middle child. But this is no ordinary middle-school novel. Love, Lexi is a unique combination of fictional story combined with a devotional and journal to help girls contemplate their own place in God’s eyes.

What inspired you to write it?

I love to write books that bring girls closer to God. With Love, Lexi: Letters to God, I wanted to show girls that they can tell God anything—even their worst days and most embarrassing mistakes—and He’ll listen. I also wanted girls to be encouraged by the devotionals and inspired to share their own stories through journaling.

Who is your favorite character from this book or out of all your books?

It’s hard to pick a favorite character from my books because I love them all, but I have a special connection to Lexi since I’m also a middle child. J

What's the most important message in your books?

Each one of my books has a different theme, but the overall message is to seek God first.

How did you get started as a writer?

I won an award in the fourth grade for a story I wrote titled, “Friends Can Be So Mean,” but I didn’t pursue writing until after I was married and had children. Every couple of weeks I would take the kids to the library to get a pile of books when it hit me. I could write stories like the ones I was reading! So I enrolled in online classes through the Institute of Children’s Literature, and have gone to writing conferences every since. Now I have seven books published—four for tween girls, and three novels for women.

Tell us about your family. What is the most fun thing you've done together as a family?

I’ve been married to my college sweetheart for twenty-eight years, and have four children, two boys and two girls, between the ages of sixteen and twenty-three. We live along the coast in central California, and have taken many fun trips to Tahoe to ski/snowboard in the winter or raft down the Truckee River in the summer. Fun times!

What's next on the writing horizon?
I have several writing projects, including books for tween girls as well as a novel, being considered for publication. I’m also working on a gift book for moms. J

Author bio:

Sherry Kyle is the author of books for tween girls, including a Gold Mom’s Choice Award winner, and new releases The Girl’s Guide to Life and Love, Lexi: Letters to God. She also writes novels for women set along the coast of California where she makes her home with her college sweetheart and their four children. When she’s not writing, Sherry spends her time reading, having coffee with friends, and decorating her beach home. You can visit her at, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


The Girl’s Guide to Life Novelist and Children's Author Sherry Kyle is GIVING AWAY a copy on her blog to a random entry as an extra bonus.

New releases:
The Girl's Guide to Life (RoseKidz juvenile nonfiction, Feb 2016)
Love, Lexi: Letters to God (Tyndale juvenile fiction with devotional/journal, March 2016)

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