Monday, August 16, 2021


Todays Title

Bought this book mid "The Walking Dead" craze to add to my collection. Lots of macabre-sounding recipes inside and snarky lines. Below is a sample.

The back cover has an interesting backstory, touting a woman just trying to fight the dead and feed the living, from "brain food to finger food, from sticky sweets to killer cocktails." The three chapters are titled:

  1. Appetizers for an Apocalypse
  2. Eating on the Run
  3. Messy Bites for the Newly Dead
  4. Epilogue: Last Call
Well, gotta run now... the grocery store.

Gonna try the Oozing Three-Cheese Calzone recipe on page 17 tonight.

Sunday, August 15, 2021

For years, I have hosted a White Elephant Book Exchange Christmas Party for writers at my home.

Guests are instructed to bring a gift wrapped book featuring an offbeat, odd, or strange subject or title.

All in relatively good taste, of course. Nothing of a pornographic nature or ridden with tasteless expletives. And no bashing of other authors. One year an author actually brought her fellow authors book! Not cool. 

Our theme is all in good fun. All in good taste.

Believe it or not, finding the right book isn't easy. Most people know about the party for a year in advance, so there's plenty of time to find a book. They scour resale shops, garage sales, library sales, etc. in search of "the one." You know it when you see it. What else can I say?

There is a strong competition among the guests to show up with the book that everyone wants to bring home. We do allow stealing, up to three times, and the highly-coveted books stay in play. 

I also offer a prize for the book of the day, the best of the worst, and a second runner up. The prizes are in keeping with the theme of the party. White Elephant style prizes. Cheesy Christmas sweaters. A crocheted toilet paper doll. You get the picture.

Some people occasionally show up with a regular book. A normal title or theme. Either they fail to understand the nature of the party or they are content to bring just any old book and try to pass it off as odd. Fellow guests find such behavior disappointing, which is understandable. It is unfair to bring a book that doesn't fit the criteria when everyone else has put in the effort to bring a terribly terrific title.

Today's featured book is an all-time favorite. Supposedly written by a former nanny, the title speaks for itself. Many people fought to win this book. At the end of the day, I didn't end up with it, so I searched and searched until I was able to obtain my own copy to add to my personal collection of terribly terrific titles. I never pull from my personal collection. Those beloved books hold a special place on my library shelf and in my heart. And my collection is growing...



Linda Kozar

Cozy Mysteries by Linda Kozar

Gate Beautiful Radio Show--November 21, 2013

Family Reunion--Oregon 2012

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Meet The Christian Authors--2011

Meet The Christian Authors--2011
@ Barnes & Noble, Houston, TX