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A Visit With Author Sherry Kyle--By Linda Kozar


 Sherry Kyle

Sherry Kyle writes books for girls, as well as novels that “reunite hearts and connect lives.” Abingdon Press released her debut novel, Delivered with Love, in 2011. The Heart Stone, her second contemporary women's fiction, releases in April 2013. Sherry is the recipient of a Gold Mom’s Choice Award that honors excellence in family-friendly media, products, and services for The Christian Girl’s Guide to Style. She is a member of CAN, as well as ACFW. Sherry and her husband Douglas have four children and live by the ocean on California’s central coast.

1. Have you always wanted to be a writer? If so, when did you decide to pursue it?

I’ve always been creative and won awards for art, interpretive reading, and a story I wrote in fourth grade titled Friends Can Be So Mean, but it wasn’t until I read children’s books to my kids that I thought about becoming a writer.

2. How did you get your first contract?

Surprisingly, I received my first contract from an unsolicited submission. I called the publishing house and asked if they were still accepting submissions for an existing series for 8-12 year old girls. They were, so I tailored my manuscript and proposal to fit their format. The editor called me a couple of months later, and told me they’d like to offer me a contract. I was thrilled!

3. There are so many writers out there trying to get published for the first time, but what they don't realize is, it's just as hard to continue to get published. What advice would you give to published writers who are stuck in that phase?

Yes, it’s always hard to get the next book contract, but perseverance is a must if you want to continue in the field of writing. I can totally relate. Even though I’ve signed 5 book contracts, my proposals still get rejected. It’s tough. Recently, a publisher declined my proposal after they asked me to change some things and resubmit. A few months ago, an editor rejected a proposal after having it on her desk for a year and a half. Writing is definitely not for the faint of heart, but if you can stick it out, there will be another book contract—God willing.

4. Tell us the most touching thing you've heard back from someone whose life was impacted by reading your book(s).

I love hearing from my readers. I receive e-mails and Facebook messages that bring a smile to my face. One reader shared her marriage struggles and how the message of forgiveness in my debut novel, Delivered with Love, strengthened her marriage. Another reader told me she plans to bring The Heart Stone on her 50thwedding anniversary trip to Paris, France.

5. Is marketing your least favorite part of the process or are you learning to love it?

How did you know marketing was my least favorite part? (I’m chuckling!) I’m learning that marketing is part of my job as a writer and that it’s important for me to help spread the word. After all, who knows my story better than me? Honestly, I’d love for the book to speak for itself, but when writers partner with their publisher the chances of the message reaching more people is greater. For The Heart Stone, I had a book trailer made, a new website created, and have been on a number of blogs, including this one. Thanks, Linda!

6. How do you juggle family life and writing life?

I’m fortunate in that I don’t have another job outside of writing, and I write while my four kids are in school. Now that my oldest is twenty and my other three are teenagers they understand when I have a deadline or need time to write, but I try to stop when they come home from school. This week is tough because they are on spring break and want to go somewhere, but I need to stay close to home to plan my book launch party and keep up with the marketing for The Heart Stone.

7. What's next for Sherry Kyle? New books swimming around in your head? 

Currently I’m working on two projects, middle grade fiction as well as another contemporary story set in California. I also have two more books for girls coming out in the near future. The Girl’s Guide to Your Dream Room is scheduled to release this summer.

The Heart Stone(Abingdon Press, April 2013)
Delivered with Love, (Abingdon Press, 2011)
The Christian Girl's Guide to Style, (Legacy Press, 2010),
Winner of a Mom's Choice Award

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